Amber Construction Services provides building repair, refurbishment and maintenance services, roofing associated works to new and existing projects and is an approved contractor to local authorities, school trusts, housing associations, leading corporate bodies, government agencies and public utilities.

Amber Construction Services objective is to achieve customer satisfaction through confidence in the quality of the service provided. We are committed to providing products and services which fully meet our customer’s needs and expectations in both function, statutory and regulatory requirements and other applicable scheme compliance obligations.

The Directors accept total responsibility for the provision of qualified, skilled and experienced personnel, suitable resources including specialist sub-contractors and consultants to ensure all contract commitments are both efficiently and effectively expedited and achieved.

To provide and maintain consistently high-quality work Amber Construction Services has implemented and maintains an effective ISO9001 quality management system that ensures appropriate communication, operational controls, processes and procedures.

We are committed to:

  • Continual improvement of our ISO9001 registered quality management system
  • Leadership, commitment and support to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Leadership involvement in establishing and reviewing quality improvement objectives
  • Making continual improvement a part of every day and every job, through team participation, performance measurement, audit and review
  • Knowing who our interested parties are and what they require, through open communication
  • Working with our external providers to improve quality management 
  • Enabling our employees to meet quality requirements with good work first time, every time and on time

This Quality Policy is a statement of commitment, which is totally supported by all management, staff and personnel within the organisation.